STIHL Battery
Cut-Off Machines

Outstanding Power. Even Indoors.

Quiet Operation

Ideal for noise-sensitive areas

Instant-On Performance

100% torque instantly with the squeeze of a trigger

Lightweight Portability

Great for maneuverability and extended use

Approved for Indoor Use

Low noise and clean operation make it ideal for use inside

Occasional use
Frequent use
Extensive use

TSA 230

The TSA 230 is part of the AP Series, delivering up to 18 minutes of continuous run time with the AP 300 battery. Batteries and chargers must be purchased separately.

Part of the AP Series, the TSA 230 STIHL Cutquik® is the world’s first battery-powered cut-off machine. Enjoy instant starting, lightweight maneuverability and solid cutting performance. It can even be used indoors. The TSA 230 also features an onboard water control to help suppress dust. A toolless wheel lock prevents wheel rotation when removing the wheel attachment bolt. Best of all, the TSA 230 provides great value – priced below its gasoline-powered counterparts. Groundbreaking innovation, grounded in quality engineering.

Note: Batteries and chargers must be purchased separately.

AP 100 AP 300

12.3 lbs

Weight w/ Battery

9 in

Wheel Diameter

Bud Jones


“The battery equipment is having a big impact on the business – and it is nice to use.”

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Kay Kamish

Farm Owner

“The STIHL battery-operated chainsaw is ideal for me, because it is so easy to use. It’s a great weight and it keeps going as long as I want to be out there cutting.”

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Zack Kline

Professional Landscaper

“When they see the electric, they think it’s less powerful. But with the technology that STIHL’s developed, you couldn’t tell the difference if I used a gas or electric, only that electric is much quieter and there’s no emissions.”

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The Cengias


“With STIHL, there’s a pride of ownership in your land – in doing the job right.”

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