A proud history
of innovation

This is what sets Stihl Apart

Our Philosophy

From fuel to battery power, STIHL products are sold exclusively through our network of over 9,000 servicing Dealers. Not big box stores. Our philosophy has always been to build the best product possible, then ensure those products are sold and serviced in the best possible way. That's why you won't find STIHL in a box on a shelf – you'll find it on the trailers of professional landscapers, the back of fire and rescue trucks, in the hands of loggers, and in millions of consumers' garages and sheds across the country.

Family Owned & Operated

Since its founding in 1926, STIHL has remained a family company. Over the decades, the Stihl family has fiercely protected its legacy, ensuring every product was worthy of the name. While other brands folded to economic pressures to build cheaper products, STIHL remained dedicated to producing premium quality equipment. And when other brands folded entirely, STIHL not only survived, it thrived.

A Proud Heritage

STIHL has been defining the future of outdoor power equipment for decades. We've patented technologies that make equipment run smoother, start easier and produce fewer emissions. We've refined designs to make equipment lighter, more comfortable and adaptive. And now, with STIHL Battery, we are applying a legacy of innovation to a new generation of products. STIHL invented the electric chainsaw – now we are reinventing battery.

Servicing dealers

Many companies claim to support small business, but STIHL Inc. has been “walking the walk” since 1974 – selling our products exclusively through our network of over 9,000 servicing Dealers. Why? Because we believe service matters – and so do our customers.

Today, you can get just about anything at a big box store – but you can’t get a STIHL. Why? Because we believe in service you can depend on from people you trust. There are many great things STIHL Dealers do for their customers, from parts and service to knowledgeable product advice.